This year, the EQUATE Coordinating Center at P3 EQUATE Network, as part of the American Heart Association, hosted by the Believe IPE Team hosted EQUATE member teams at a 2024 Semi-Annual Meeting to unite as colleagues and people with a shared passion to drive change maternal health care in the U.S.

While this was a hybrid event with virtual options, team members and partners gathered at the Friday Center at UNC Chapel Hill in North Carolina. Meeting participants and attendees from across the US gathered to align on strategies to improve maternal health outcomes. Meeting feedback was provided by:

  • EQUATE Network programs: BELIVE, BETTER, DREAM, IMPACT P3, Po3PPY, EQAUTE SDOH Core, EQAUTE Coordinating Center – see share back recordings for details about each program here.
  • Community Partners, including Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere, BLOOM Maternal Health, Queens Village, and many more.
  • HBCU Students and Faculty from NC Central, Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Mississippi Valley State University.

The priorities for the January 25-26th meeting were to allow time for relationship-building, networking, program planning, and strategic alignment. Prior to the meeting, teams submitted Pre-Requisite Videos, which you can view recordings here. These are quick videos to learn more about the Network and programs involved.

During the meeting, Sunny BenBelkacem with See in Colors, created beautiful artwork of our meeting journey. Teams had the opportunity to provide feedback to the graphic notes of our collaborative thoughts: Graphic Illustration drafts can be viewed here.

View full size graphics here.

Reels & Podcast: The team also had a whole recording studio on-site, with live recorded maternal health care videos and podcast recordings. The captured videos will soon be edited and disseminated on our, social media, and embedded in trainings. Be sure you’re subscribed to watch or listen to the podcast and reels:

You can view the full Semi Annual EQUATE Network program here, including Zoom recordings and resource links. You can also view Meeting Slides here.

This event took place January 25-26, 2024. For information about this event, contact This event was hosted by P3 EQUATE Coordinating Center, as part of the American Heart Association with the Believe IPE Team. This year’s theme was “Maternal Care, Connection, & Collaboration.”

What Took Place:

2024 Semi-Annual Meeting Program:

View the full program here, including any Zoom and resource links. View Meeting Slides here.

Summary of the event coming soon. In the meantime, check out some photos of the event.

Graphic Illustration drafts can be viewed here.

E-blast Content: View our “welcome” and “summary” emails.

Pre-Requisite Videos: Watch our P3 EQUATE Network video recordings here.

Contact: Email Imani Clark @ Updates and event logistics will be shared via email. Be sure you include your email in registration.

This Work Was Supported by American Heart Association Grant 22HERNPM1990570 / BELIEVE IPE  / 2023.